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Jim Skalman: Las Vistas

August 23, 2012 through February 18, 2013

Jim Skalman
Jim Skalman

Closing Reception February 18 5:00-9:00 pm, free and open to the public

The SDSU Downtown Gallery is pleased to invite Jim Skalman to work in residence on the completion of the site-specific installation Las Vistas.  This project combines the artist’s interest in our learned seeing of pictorial space, landscape, and architecture—particularly the mid-century modernist architectural styles associated with the American desert southwest. 

While it is unusual for the opening of a project to occur prior to the project’s absolute completion, this is the intention of Skalman’s Las Vistas.  Throughout the entire project, the process of artmaking is made visible, revealing the structure, the tools, and the chaos that give form to and often accompany the creative process. 

In this stage of the project’s completion, the work is in flux: The construction supports for the low-lying roof have been removed, allowing viewers to now approach the architectural structure and view the installation from a closer proximity.  From this vantage point, viewers can clearly see the various materials with which Skalman works, such as plastic and clay, to create the illusion of a vast landscape that is becoming visible from beneath the overhang.  In the latter stages, the artist will finalize lighting, music, and projected images.

While Skalman works to complete Las Vistas, the Gallery is being transformed first into the artist’s laboratory and ultimately into the site of the completed project.  During the entire process, viewers are welcome to enter the space and ask questions while the artist is working.


Jim Skalman: Las Vistas was organized by Catherine Gleason, Associate Director of the SDSU Downtown Gallery.  The exhibition is made possible through the support of private donations; the San Diego State University Art Council; the School of Art, Design, and Art History; the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts; and the fund for Instructionally Related Activities.  The SDSU Downtown Gallery is grateful to Jim Skalman for creating this exciting project.


I would like to thank Aren Skalman , Kirk Nelson, Matt Pawluk and Matthew Blessing for the soundtrack.  Austin Beneteau, Phil Santiago, Matt Mahoney and Jim Cavolt for help with the construction.  Catherine Gleason for everything else.  Jim Skalman